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Creating A Kid-Friendly Ergonomic Workspace

How do we create a kid-friendly ergonomic workspace in our already crowded homes? All the way back in March, we would never have imagined we would still be working and learning from home at the end of August. Our children come first in almost every area of our life, but recently most of us had to adjust as we settled into our new home offices and learning spaces. It looks like COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so we all benefit from setting our children up for a better remote learning experience. 

Not every home is equipped to have a home office for each person, especially your kiddos. Its important to discourage them from working on the sofa or bed; doing this will encourage better ergonomics and be helpful with discerning between work and play.

Providing a healthy environment will increase learning and posture. Below or a few tips to help kids get set up and ready to learn in living spaces around your home.

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Creating a reading nook provides a cozy space for kids to read

Find the best space for them

Find the best space to be a primary landing point for completing assignments and virtual learning. Providing proper lighting, their own work surface, a chair, and a mouse and keyboard will help them be comfortable and know that when they are in this space it’s time to focus on school work. You can also change up their work stations for different learning. Making a cozy reading nook or creating a craft corner will allow for a much needed  change of environment each day.

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Support the Body

Items around your house can be used to help create proper angles that your children’s bodies should be working at. Pillows can support the back. You know those pesky phone books that just appear at your home? Use them to sit on to make the proper height for kids to sit at the kitchen table. Simply making sure that their feet, arms and back are supported, even if it’s in a creative way, will help.

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Technology Use

Technology is a part of our everyday lives, but they can disrupt our ergonomic health if used too much. Obviously limiting screen time will cut down on poor posture. Our neck suffers the most from looking down at a screen that should be propped up and at eye level. Purchasing an external monitor, or using books or the L6 LAPTOP HOLDER by Humanscale will help bring the device to the level needed to keep proper posture.

Using headphones will allow the user to hear properly, just remember to keep the volume at a healthy level. Headphones also allow those who are easily distracted to remain focused, and maintain some privacy to their virtual lesson or phone call.

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Keeping a Schedule

A routine is key to coming the closest to replicating life before Covid.  Waking up at the same time and setting a schedule for your children will help in this transition. Rotating activities helps maintain motivation and increase movement throughout the day. Getting up and stretching every hour will mimic changing classes and prevent kids from becoming too stationary. Though P.E. might not look the same, simply going for a walk will get your blood pumping. While providing a break for everyone in the family. 

In addition to maintaining a routine, it is important to eat healthy, well balanced meals. This will create energy to get through each day. Providing snacks and a lunch period will bring balance to the day. While allowing for a little rest for both you and your kiddos.

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Walks will provide exercise for the entire family

Lastly, your goal should be to create a kid-friendly ergonomic workspace by being organized and providing a comfortable, healthy environment. This will help your child’s mental health to fight off anxiety to our society’s adjustments and create better posture habits that will last a lifetime. And, who knows, it may help keep your life a little calmer as well.