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Freedom Interiors Announces Two Winners of Their Inaugural Free 2 Learn Grant

Freedom Interiors happy to announce the recipients of the inaugural Free 2 Learn Grant. Among the numerous entries, Leah Giangregorio, First Grade Teacher at Hope Leadership Academy in Kansas City, and Jodi Owens, Special Education Teacher at Wabash Elementary in Wentzville, Missouri, submitted entries that grabbed the attention of Carol Espinosa, Founder and Principal of Freedom Interiors. “Being advocates for education drives us at Freedom Interiors,” said Espinosa. “We believe well-designed learning environments engage students and empower educators to bring curriculum to its full potential. “We were drawn to the submissions of Leah and Jodi because they embodied a genuine desire to have better, so they could do better.”

To award the winners of the Free 2 Learn Grant, the Freedom Interior team gave each classroom a 3-D scan to create a virtual reality model and a professional evaluation to generate a list of student and teacher needs. In collaboration between Freedom Interiors and school officials, a fully modern, flexible-space classroom was designed. With a layout created using innovative design technology.  

A before photo of Jodi Owens, Special Education Teacher
at Wabash Elementary in Wentzville, Missouri

On April 10, 2020, each classroom underwent a professional installation of brand new furniture and accessories. Also, during the process students and faculty watched as their dreams of a functional, inspirational classroom becomes a reality. “This is truly a labor of love for our entire company,” Espinosa remarked. “I cannot put into words how much we value education. To use our talents to give back to our communities is a privilege and an honor we cherish.”

Renderings of the two winning classroom designs

Wabash Classroom Rendering

In addition, there will be an official unveiling of the classrooms in late summer 2020. Look for additional information to come.

Hope Leadership Academy Rendering

Lastly, for more information please contact Tyler Bosley at, or call 816-812-8847

Education Referral Program

Just a reminder that Our Education Referral Program is still active.