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New Hybrid Work Method Requires Work From Home Office Furniture

In our ever-changing world of technology and business, the way we work is transitioning.  From modifying and simplifying processes to flexible work schedules, the work world is looking more unique than ever before.

Employees thrive in a wide variety of work environments, so the idea of one-size-fits-all for your employees, is a thing of the past.  We are in a new era; employees need choice and not just within the walls of an office space.

In the last two years, we’ve seen a mass movement towards working from home. And while there are perks to strictly working from home, the best strategy is a hybrid method or distributed work model, where working from home meets in-office work.

Employees can be productive and fully engaged from a number of locations, such as a headquarters building, smaller regional offices that are in the communities of the employees, along with the home office.

Numerous benefits accompany this model of work style. By providing a culture that views remote work as a positive alternative, employees are in turn empowered when they are given a choice of when and where they work best.

The hybrid model allows for a variety of work modes, according to Enterprisers Project:

               Working together, together: Team members participate in meetings and projects in a shared space

               Working together, apart: Team members participate in meeting and project virtually

               Working alone, together: Team members share spaces, but do not work at the same time

               Working alone, apart: Team members are distributed, and individuals are performing deep-focus work remotely

To allow for these various styles, employers need to provide differing spaces.


This building will house the largest number of employees and should serve mostly as a place to brainstorm, collaborate and cultivate culture. Large meeting areas, such as a lounge or plaza space gives employees the ability to host large group discussions. Accompanying those spaces, should be smaller group and individual work spaces, with both open and closed. Not all individual spaces will be identical either. Each workstation can and should be tailored to the needs of each individual or department, dependent on their roles in the company. The variety of spaces allows for flexibility, change and mobility, allowing each team to perform at their highest level.

Community Offices

These close-to-home offices are equally as important as the headquarters. Each employee should have an equitable experience whether they are in the headquarters or smaller community office. The community offices should give the same access to resources for employees that the headquarters would.

Home Office

In order for this method of work to truly be beneficial, employers must make a true commitment to doing it right.  Support of the employees changes when they are working remote.  Not only is it important to provide a healthy office space, but once you’ve given your employees the freedom to work from home, your commitment to their health stretches beyond the office walls. It is vital that employees are provided with a menu of options to fit their at home needs.

Check out these WFH essentials from Herman Miller:

Home Office Desks & Tables

Boost your heart rate, productivity and overall health when you change positions throughout the day.  Sitting for long periods of time is hard on your back and mind, so stand up with these sit-to-stand options to get the juices following.

               Renew Sit-To-Stand: Make movement part of your 9-to-5.  Herman Miller’s most popular sit-to-stand desk is known for its one-touch, motorized, lever that provides a quiet and smooth lift.

               Nevi Sit-To-Stand: Developing healthy habits as you work is easy with the Nevi Sit-To-Stand Desk.  The laminate table allows you to change positions throughout the day, to keep your energy and productivity high.

Performance Seating

The chair you provide your employees is likely the single most important piece of support you can give them.

               Aeron: This Herman Miller staple is the go-to leader in ergonomic chairs. Its design supports a range of postures, sizes and activities.

               Lino: This chair is backed by science, encouraging healthy posture with a minimalistic design and price point.

Desk Accessories

Desks and chairs are a great start, but accessories give your employees a true, healthy home office.

               Laptop Mount Attachment: This mount allows you to move your monitor to the height that works best for you and your posture regardless of your desk height.  These come in a variety of options, including dual monitor version.

               Cable Management: While this item may not improve your physical health, your mental health increase when you don’t have to look at the clutter of cords strung about in your home office. This simple cable management clip attaches to your desk and runs cables down the leg of the desk.

               Foot Pillow: This foot rest allows you to elevate your feet, putting your spine in a more neutral postures that takes pressure off your torso.

Office Bundles

Save money when you bundle your desk and chair.  Save even more when you add accessories to your package.