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Five inspiration points in Westport’s new Freedom design showroom

Carol Espinosa bears a striking grin as she bounds up the steps to the rejuvenation area at Freedom Interiors. Palpable excitement beams through her voice.

“This is possibly my favorite part of the showroom,” she says, pointing out the lush green carpeting, comfy seating and 360-degree view of the renovated space at 4000 Washington St.

“Possibly” feels like a bit of an understatement for Espinosa, founder of Freedom, a Kansas City-based company specializing in corporate, government and education industry furniture and design. She’s standing atop one of the 7,000-square-foot space’s focal points, a steel structure in the former Westport post office’s center.

“This area is fun, but it’s also a place for when you need some restoration and zen time,” Espinosa says. “You can come up here and kind of forget about everything else that’s going on. … And you can totally take a nap.”

Under a high, barrel-truss ceiling, Freedom’s eight person team — Espinosa, three project leads, two project managers and two interior designers — treats the space as a functional office. After all, the 7-year-old company is in the business of selling customers on the latest in workplace design using 3-D visualization technology and in-person experiences.