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Free2Learn Podcast – Jenny Selvidge

Free2Learn Podcast episode
Jenny Selvidge at Mt Fuji while on Fellowship in Japan

This Free2Learn podcast episode brings a conversation with Jenny Selvidge, an English Language Lecturer at the University of Kansas.

Free2Learn Podcast – Jenny Selvidge

When COVID started spreading worldwide this Spring, Jenny was six months into a two-year US Department of State fellowship in Japan. Posted at the Tokyo Board of Education as an advisor on English language classes in the Japanese public school system.  Though the pandemic cut her stay short, Jenny had enough time to be exposed to cultural differences between the US and Japanese education.  In her conversation with Scott, Jenny talks about how Japanese schools reacted to the pandemic, the challenges of teaching language virtually, and the effects of COVID on international students coming to America.

Education Podcast
Jenny teaching during her fellowship in Japan

The English Language Fellow Program fosters mutual understanding, promotes English language learning and enhances English teaching capacity abroad. Through projects sponsored by U.S. embassies, EL Fellows share their professional expertise, hone their skills, learn about other cultures, and gain international experience.  Cultural learning styles and how they impact the lives students has been a focus of Jenny’s career. You can listen to her own podcast here.

I’d like you to meet…Jenny Selvidge -Podcast

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